December 2009

Personality Traits, Experts and Connectors

December 9, 2009

“We should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference.” Margaret Chase Smith I couldn’t help but see she had a bruise under her right eye. Hair dyed jet black, her movements  efficient with years of experience in small town greasy spoons, she had toast, coffee and a smile in front of me before my butt [...]

Cleaning House With Twitter

December 7, 2009

Do you tweet too much and ignore your followers? Confession time. I went through my Twitter followers list and unfollowed quite a few people. Of course most of them were spammers. My following to followers lists were far out of balance. What bothered me was, I had been following certain people who were “annoying tweeters”, [...]

A Digital Walk Through

December 6, 2009

For years I’ve wanted to display my photos online. I know, there is Flickr and other sites for this, but I’ve wanted a more professional method for display, and I wanted control. Having a photo display that is defined by a personal site requires a bit of work and knowledge to get it right. My [...]