July 2010

Working Through The Clichés

July 27, 2010

Everything in the world has been photographed. Every situation in the world has been written about, even if it is news. Only the characters and location change. If you write fiction, there is a finite number of plots. Nothing is new, and there is nothing you can do to change that. However, the number of [...]

A Men’s Room With A View

July 20, 2010

For years I’ve pondered the universal question that plagues American males. Why can’t we read signs on public restroom doors? Somewhere there may be a man who hasn’t accidentally entered the ladies room; I have yet to meet him. Over the years I’ve found myself red-faced, disconcerted as I apologetically back out the door of [...]

How to choose a WordPress Theme

July 6, 2010

There are two kinds of people who use WordPress – those who know how to write computer code, and those who don’t. It is safe to say that most people fall into the first category. What this means is, if you don’t know how to hack a theme, you either get someone to do for [...]