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December 6, 2009


About Color

For years I’ve wanted to display my photos online. I know, there is Flickr and other sites for this, but I’ve wanted a more professional method for display, and I wanted control. Having a photo display that is defined by a personal site requires a bit of work and knowledge to get it right.

My photos, the pictures I display that are not snapshots, are at:
A Digital Walk Through or ADWT.com

In the 1980s I had a small business working as a pro photographer. This was a side business, weddings, groups, portraits and events. My first love is black and white photography. In fact I don’t consider myself good enough to do a lot of color work. Color can be distracting if rendered without a lot of artistic thought. With black and white, the picture is seen without that color distraction.

Regretfully, most of my work from that time is gone. The thousands of negatives and prints, long hours in the darkroom, all lost due to circumstances I could not control.

ADWT is about my move from film to digital picture making. I will be adding to this collection till I can no longer work. I would enjoy any comments or remarks about my work. Feel free to Contact me with your thoughts.

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