Creative Thought

The Art And Zen Of Sign Making?

September 28, 2010

Given the chore of making a road sign, how would you go about it? Do you need directions, or would you work better with your own initiative and creative impulse? My wife and I happened to use this as a metaphor in a chat about how we approach a job. We are polar opposites. She [...]

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Working Through The Clichés

July 27, 2010

Everything in the world has been photographed. Every situation in the world has been written about, even if it is news. Only the characters and location change. If you write fiction, there is a finite number of plots. Nothing is new, and there is nothing you can do to change that. However, the number of [...]

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The Secret To Creative Work

November 17, 2009

Do you feel a compulsion to work? What is work? This single word is one of the most powerful in the English language. It runs the gamut from science to common labor. In physics: the exertion of force overcoming resistance, in labor, any activity or effort to accomplish a task. Work can be pleasurable or [...]

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