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Guest posting on Weblog Redux is accepted and encouraged. As a member of My Blog Guest I have had articles published on several other blogs. Here is a great opportunity to share your articles and knowledge with the world. Even if you do not have a blog, your articles will be considered.

Weblog Redux is primarily a teaching blog, with beginning writers and bloggers the intended audience. Therefore, use the following guidelines to submit a post.


  • Submit using one of the following categories.
  • Almost anything about blogging – tips, software, hosting etc.
  • Writing tips and how to articles
  • Social media tips, advice and how to
  • Personal posts with a moral or social guideline

Other articles will be considered on the basis of merit and quality. Articles that contain anything hateful or too controversial will not be considered. Do not send product review articles.

Good grammar and spelling are essential for acceptance. I will not spell check your work. I may suggest some editing for your article if I feel it can be better written. This is negotiable.

Although it is not required, a picture will enhance almost any article. I suggest you add one if at all possible.

Please send a query with a short description of what your article is about. Whether it appears to fit with this site or not, I will reply to you as quickly as possible.
If it is accepted, simply paste the text into an email message and send it to:
Or, use the Contact Form to avoid spam.

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