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You Are Not Web 2

May 25, 2010

Every time I write a post, every time I tweet or leave a comment somewhere on the web I am aware that I’m digitalizing a small part of me. Consequently, digital bits and bytes of me are scattered all over the Internet. What If there were smart software (a contradiction in terms) that could pull [...]

How To – Security On The Internet

May 18, 2010

If Satan started a new FaceHell Buzz social media site, thousands would join simply to be among the first. When Google committed the sin of auto-follow with Buzz, the outrage was venomous. Yet people open their address books to LinkedIn and other such sites that want access. You can’t have it both ways.
The [...]

Personality Traits, Experts and Connectors

December 9, 2009

“We should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference.” Margaret Chase Smith
I couldn’t help but see she had a bruise under her right eye. Hair dyed jet black, her movements  efficient with years of experience in small town greasy spoons, she had toast, coffee and a smile in front of me before my butt hit [...]