Writing, Bad Writing, And Incomprehensible

October 11, 2009

Years ago I worked as a dance instructor at an Arthur Murray studio. During my education to become an instructor, I learned something that can be applied to many aspects of life. My teacher ask me the difference between a professional dancer and an amateur dancer. Her answer: A pro dances the best he can every time he gets on a dance floor. He is a pro all the time. An amateur has the luxury to be sloppy, play or amuse himself.

Apply this concept to your writing. Good delivery can make or break a blog. We have all seen web site content that appears to have been written by a preschooler. On more than one occasion I have tried in vain to understand what the author was trying to say. And I wonder if he or she has no education or is simply lazy.

Writing for any publication has some common rules; if you want to be understood then you must obey these rules. This is not a course in writing. You can easily find the basic concepts of writing at dozens of sites on the web. However, consider this in reference to writing in general:

* Grammar is not just something that bored you in school. It is a necessary facet to communicating if you want to be effective.

* Punctuation is imperative. An example from the book Sin and Syntax, is: “FOR SALE: Mahogany table by a lady with Chippendale legs”


* How many times does it have to be repeated, not to use all caps or all lowercase letters? You see this often in comments.

If you want to be a pro blogger then write like a pro. Always.

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